News10 Important Questions to Ask When Dating Someone New

10 Important Questions to Ask When Dating Someone New

10 Important Questions to Ask When Dating Someone New
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On the first date, you want to learn about the person as much as possible. Hobbies, activities, favorite films, preferences, etc. One way or another, all this information seems to be very important, especially if you are looking for a wife or serious relationships. Often in the fog of falling in love, we miss whether a person as a person is right for us and whether life goals and priorities coincide.

We have collected 10 topical questions that will help spice up a first date getting to know your new chosen one a little better.

#1 “Is There Someone This Date Might Disappoint?”

The first thing to find out is if your new lover has a girlfriend, wife, husband or any person who might be against this date. It’s a matter of the feelings of the person. However, to date with someone whose heart is not free is a frail thing.

#2 “What Makes You Special?”

The easiest way to make contact is to start a conversation about yourself. Talk about hobbies, interests and preferences. If there is nothing like that, then the facts from life and childhood will do. Even a simple story of a scar on a knee can tell a lot about a person.

#3 “How Do You See Yourself in the Future?”

We fall in love not with the potential but with the person. Nevertheless, it is important to know how he or she sees the future: with or without children, in another country or in a small homeland; and most importantly – with a dog or with a cat?

#4 “Cats or Dogs?”

Remember Phoebe’s cool game from the series “Friends” who helped to understand what was on a person’s mind. “Coffee or tea? Beach or mountains? Book or movie?” You have understood the meaning! Offer to make a choice according to the formula “either … or” and find out about the person’s preferences.

#5 “What’s Your Favorite Meme?”

A sense of humor is one of the most important things in a person or potential bride. Life is too short to waste it on those with whom you will be bored. You can ask about your favorite funny video, TikTok or simply a joke.

#6 “What Annoys You the Most?”

Something infuriates everyone and finding out about it better. One thing if the chosen one is annoyed by black-and-white movies and popcorn with caramel and another if one does not like screaming children and nursing mothers while you are planning a big family.

#7 “What Is Your Fondest Childhood Memory?”

This question can reveal a person from a tender and intimate side. Childhood and family are something that only the closest are told about.

#8 “What Is Your Most Favorite Place in the World?”

Is it a grandma’s house in the country? At the top of the mountain where did he or she go hiking during their school days? Or maybe own bed? Find out where she or he feels most relaxed and at peace. Maybe one day you will go there together!

#9 “What Would You Do With a Million Dollars?”

Would you give your first million to charity or buy a ring for your future wife? Money is a resource that must be managed. The answers will tell about priorities and important areas of life.

#10 “What Are You Proud of?”

Let it be even a trifle like the most delicious home-cooked hamburgers. Find out what brings joy to your partner and supports you in difficult times as it says a lot about a person.

Using a couple of these questions, you can tune in to the right mood and direct your dialogue on the first romantic date in the right direction. Good luck with your date!


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