News5 Tips for Keeping Your Sugar Relationship Healthy When You’re Apart

5 Tips for Keeping Your Sugar Relationship Healthy When You’re Apart

5 Tips for Keeping Your Sugar Relationship Healthy When You’re Apart
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Dating a sugar daddy isn’t all candlelit dinners and romantic walks in the park. Sugar relationships come with their share of challenges, as well. For example, even if your sugar relationship isn’t actually a long-distance one, sugar daddies tend to be very busy guys. There are bound to be periods where he needs to work much longer hours than usual or spend time out of town on business.

That means an understanding nature and an ability to keep the two of you connected, even when you’re apart, are essential qualities any sugar baby should have. Here are some tips for making sure your daddy feels special, loved, and missed, whether you’re apart for a few days or a few months. 

1. Make room in your own schedule 

If your sugar daddy is an exceptionally powerful or influential man, then he likely only has but so much wiggle room to work with when it comes to his own schedule. That means the amount of time you’ll be able to spend connecting when you’re apart ultimately comes down to you.

So decide right now that you’re going to make the time. Keep track of the details of your sugar daddy’s schedule, and do what you can to arrange to be free on the days he can sit down and connect. And make sure he knows just how much you really want things to work. Sugar daddies love knowing they’re top priorities in their sugar babies’ lives.

2. Don’t leave it up to chance

As your sugar daddy can no doubt tell you, a well-planned schedule is a busy person’s best friend. Anything that doesn’t get an allotted time slot of its own runs the risk of falling by the wayside altogether. So if the two of you want your relationship to work out, regardless of how busy either of you might be, you need to schedule time to spend together.

Scheduling time for one another shows that you see each other as priorities. Making sure to keep, savor, and treasure the dates you schedule shows that you care enough to walk the walk, too. Scheduling your dates and get-togethers helps both of you plan around one another, as well. 

3. Let him know when he’s on your mind

It’s a wonderful time to be alive, especially if you need convenient ways to keep in touch with someone when they’re too far away for comfort. Thanks to the wonders of the internet, your next opportunity to connect with someone is never more than a few clicks or finger taps away. So it’s super easy to spontaneously let your sugar daddy know when you’re randomly thinking about him.

Email him articles you come across that you think he’d like, or message him memes that you know would make him laugh. You can send him songs that remind you of him, random selfies, and spontaneous instant messages, as well. And, of course, more traditional ways to reach out – like handwritten letters and care packages – are also welcome.

4. Plan regular video chat dates

Although there are many beautiful ways to keep in touch and communicate with each other throughout the day, video chat is especially powerful. It’s as convenient and accessible as a phone call but quite a bit more intimate for lots of reasons.

For one thing, you can actually see one another. You get to see the other person’s eyes twinkle when you tell them you love them and watch their face break out into a smile when you crack a joke. And video chat options like FaceTime are an excellent way to show each other little details from your days in real time. That’s an extraordinary way to connect that’s a lot like the way you connect in person.

5. Meet up in person when you can

Of course, if you really want to make your sugar daddy feel completely and utterly special, go out of your way to meet up with him in person when it makes sense to do so. You can definitely plan your get-together as a team, but if your sugar daddy is the type who loves surprises, that’s another route you can go, as well. 

Either way, make sure you’ll be arriving at a time when your sugar daddy won’t be overly swamped with work or other obligations. And if he does get unexpectedly busy, make sure you have a backup plan to keep yourself amused in the meantime. He’ll be free to spend some quality time with you soon enough.

Ultimately, sugar relationships that involve busy schedules and occasional distance just require a little creativity and fortitude when it comes to making things work. Make good use of all the tools that are available to you, be flexible, and everything will be great.


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