News5 Ways To Wear Green On St. Patrick's Day

5 Ways To Wear Green On St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is all about wearing green, drinking. and having a good time. One thing people forget about St. Patrick’s is the age-old tradition of wearing green so you don’t get pinched. Green may not be everyone’s favorite color, but here are some tips on how to avoid getting pinched. You don’t have to wear a lot of green to avoid this, just enough to avoid those who love to keep this tradition alive. The best part is, all these things are available on Amazon. Plus they are all small and shouldn’t draw too much attention to yourself.

1. Shamrock Pins

So maybe green isn’t your favorite color but that shouldn’t stop you from participating! This pin is a fun way to show some color without getting too far out of your comfort zone!

2. Shamrock Socks

This one is also discrete while being a fun way to participate. No one can pinch you when you are wearing these bad boys!

3. St. Patrick’s Day Masks

This one is really fun! It’s like getting into the spirit of the holiday without having to provide any effort! Wearing a mask with ‘Happy St. Patrick’s Day’ is probably one of the funniest and cutest things you can wear this holiday!

4. Shamrock Earrings

If you can ear earrings, you should get these. They are cute little green and silver earrings that you can wear for the holiday. They are small, silver and green, a nice accessory to wear with almost any outfit this Holiday! Amazon even has necklaces that you can wear with earrings.

5. Shamrock Nails

If you love doing your nails (and love saving money by doing them at home), this one might be for you. There are press-on nails that you can use to spice up all your holidays! There are different styles and pictures you can select for your nails to make this holiday fun!

There you have it! Some low effort ideas to get in the holiday spirit. Make sure your St. Patrick’s Day iss fun and green!


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