NewsHow to Tell Whether a Sugar Daddy Is Lying to You

How to Tell Whether a Sugar Daddy Is Lying to You

How to Tell Whether a Sugar Daddy Is Lying to You
Photo by Jonathan Borba

As any experienced sugar baby knows, there are a lot of liars out there. Many of them are obvious – the kind a smart person can spot a mile away. On the other hand, some are a little harder to spot, especially if they’re the really seasoned kind that’s used to low-key getting away with murder. 

But you should know that it’s not impossible to tell when a particular sugar daddy lying, even if they’re awesome at it. It’s simply a matter of learning what to look for and then keeping your eyes open. Here’s a closer look at what you need to know.

They don’t add the right amount of detail

Most liars – even the skilled ones – don’t have a good read on the right amount of detail to add to a story they’re telling. For example, you may have known liars in the past who tell really vague stories that contain so little detail, they barely make sense. That’s because not every liar is all that great at thinking on their feet quickly enough, especially when someone is suspicious.

However, other liars know stories need detail to be believable but badly overdo things. So you should also be on your guard if a sugar daddy you’re seeing is jamming so much detail into whatever he’s talking about it reads as odd. Honest people telling real stories might remember some detail, but they don’t recall everything.

Their body language is off

If you’ve been dating your successful sugar daddy for long, then you likely know him pretty well. You know how he actually talks, moves, and looks when he’s excited, anxious, and all the rest of it. So pay attention if something seems unusual about his body language or tone when he’s in the middle of telling you something specific.

And if you don’t know your daddy all that well, you’ll want to keep an eye out for common tells most people have when they’re not being entirely honest about something. Is he averting his eyes or displaying body language that points away from you? Are his arms crossed? These are possible signs that he’s nervous and potentially telling you something other than the whole truth.

They hesitate when asked questions

When people are telling the truth, their words tend to flow naturally – even if they’re uncomfortable or someone is asking them a lot of questions, possibly out of suspicion. When you’re telling the truth, there’s no need to pause and think, as you already know what happened and can recall what comes next easily.

But a sugar daddy who’s lying will likely hesitate when asked questions about his story, even if his words were flowing easily just a moment before. A person who’s deliberately lying might be able to rehearse their story ahead of time to the point where it sounds pretty natural. But they’ll still struggle to come up with appropriate answers to questions on the fly.

They try to change the subject

When someone’s lying, trying to protect a secret, or otherwise using dishonesty to keep you from finding out something you want to know, they don’t want to talk about that topic any more than they absolutely have to. So keep an eye out for signs that your sugar daddy doesn’t want to talk about whatever it is you’re bringing up.

In particular, he might try to shift the conversation to pretty much any other topic – especially if he’s just gotten done lying to you about something. He knows that the more questions you ask and the longer he has to stay on that topic, the more of a tap dance he’s going to have to do to make sure his lie continues to hold water.

Something just doesn’t feel like it adds up

A sugar baby’s gut is honestly one of the best tools she has at her disposal when it comes to telling when a sugar daddy she’s seeing isn’t telling her the truth. So always pay attention to your instincts, even if your suspicions seem to go against your usual impression of your sugar daddy’s character.

Every person is hardwired to pick up on it when something just isn’t right or doesn’t add up properly, and this goes for every sugar baby out there, too. So if your gut is insisting that something just isn’t kosher with something your sugar daddy has told you – even if you haven’t detected any other slip-ups – it’s important to pay attention.

Ultimately, life is too short and relationships are too important to put up with lies, especially if your sugar daddy is the type of person who makes a habit of telling them. You deserve to be with someone who respects and values you enough to be honest with you, especially if you’re sugar dating on Sugar Daddy For Me. Don’t settle for anything less.