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Romantic Relationship With a Groupmate: Is There a Reason Not to Start One?

Romantic Relationship With a Groupmate: Is There a Reason Not to Start One?
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Every person tries to find a partner they need in life. Some do not realize it right away, and some discover it earlier than others (e.g., a relationship since school). College is also a great place to find your soul mate because there are many new people you do not know, who are so different from each other. What if somewhere in one of the halls you meet the one?

There are many cases where falling in love with a fellow student grew into true love and a serious relationship. And you should not dismiss love, explaining it by a huge pile of academic assignments, because you might miss your chance. It’s better to hire a professional writer to edit my essay for me and go on a date with a crush who might be the one. Of course, this is a great idea, but you need to remember the disadvantages of such a relationship, which you should know.

Is college love for a lifetime?

Surely you have heard from your parents that you should look for a smart and good man at the college, that you will have similar interests because of the choice of the same faculty. But many of us are afraid of making a mistake, thinking that this is forever and there won’t be another chance.

A romantic relationship can arise not only with a classmate/s but also with a college mate/s. And this is not surprising, because there are many times more people in the department than in the group. Here, of course, there are some advantages, because you can help each other with related subjects and talk about teachers. And it’s even better, because you will see each other less often, and therefore you will not get tired of each other.

What are the disadvantages of romantic relationships at college?

Romances at college, of course, have positive aspects, but at one point can become a huge problem for you. Let’s take a closer look.

Difficulties in college because of love

When you see your loved one all the time, what kind of study can we talk about? Especially if your relationship has just begun, you want to spend as much time with your partner as possible. You will need to be able to concentrate on the learning process, and this is not possible for everyone.

But sneaky hormones turn off all thinking abilities, which means that all the educational information passes your ears, and in the practice, it is difficult to focus on the tasks, analyze them and find the answer. There is only one good thing for a brain that sits either next to you or at the next desk and smiles sweetly.

Unfortunately, you can’t get distracted and fully immersed in your studies. And it’s all because of the chemical processes in our body. The only true option is to remove from the scenery the “forbidden fruit” and sit away from each other.

Unpleasant gossip

Of course, you may think that you do not care what they say behind your back. And most often they revolve around love stories, which gossipers swoop on like vultures.

If the group is friendly and easygoing, then be prepared for banter, both amicable and not so amicable (if someone does not like your couple). This can interfere with your feelings and set some limits. Especially if your soulmate differs from the accepted pattern of a normal person. For example, if they are too reserved and silent, or wear some different clothes.

Over time, of course, this may end, but at the initial stage may even sow conflicts between the two of you and cast a shadow on the confetti-bouquet period. And if you break up, be prepared for dozens of people asking you why and how you broke up and asking how hard it is for you, and so on.

But you don’t have to give up on a relationship because of that, as it may not necessarily happen to you. Maybe you’ll get groupmates who will approve and respect your choice and stay out of the way. But it’s better to be prepared for anything.

Helping each other

Of course, someone in a couple can do some work better. In such cases, you may hear from the other half ” write a laboratory paper for me “, ” write a course paper ” or ” solve a problem “. That is, in addition to your workload you have to help with the tasks of your girlfriend or boyfriend. After all, how can you refuse to help your loved one?

In such situations, the main thing – do not to let them get on your back, because it is fraught with conflicts and your failure. Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to respect the boundaries of the other person. So agree to help only if you are sure that it will not be to the detriment of you and your studies what’s even better – recommend your partner the best assignment writing service that will be a great decision for both of you. 

It’s hard to take your mind off of a shared routine

When you study in different groups or colleges, you have areas of your life that don’t overlap. You can take your mind off of your thoughts and discuss something else. But when you study together, you are left with a few unrelated areas to distract yourself from and relieve yourself of your boring routine. Besides, you can take a break from each other. That is, to have harmony in your relationship, then, in addition to related activities, there should be multi-faceted.

And if there is no such thing, then we suggest you find such areas shortly, so that they become a lifesaver for you, if you fail.

A very hard breakup

Not all relationships end in marriage. Let’s say you are sure that this person is the most perfect and there will be no better, but suddenly all your castles in the air collapse. Unfortunately, feelings are very unreliable.

But the most difficult thing after a breakup is that your ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend will always be in front of your eyes and close by, which will cause some discomfort. So immediately after a breakup, you should try to see less of each other, so that the trauma of unhappy love will soon heal.

So, now you can weigh up all the pros and cons and make a rational decision or at least be prepared for the difficulties ahead.