NewsSugar Dating at Work: Good Idea or Serious No-Go?

Sugar Dating at Work: Good Idea or Serious No-Go?

Sugar Dating at Work: Good Idea or Serious No-Go?
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There are lots of ways a complete sugar virgin might first be exposed to the idea of sugar dating. Some are friends with a sugar baby who’s pretty open about her life and has shared a thing or two about some of the sugar daddies she dates. Others stumble across some information online about sugar dating and get curious enough to consider it themselves.

Then there are those who first have sugaring presented as an option by someone they know in real life – someone who really likes the idea of becoming a successful sugar daddy and floats that out there as an option. Sometimes that person might be a boss or a well-to-do client. But is it a good idea to sugar where you earn your living, or is this a scenario best left entirely off the table?

The Risks of Dating in the Workplace

Many people initially met their partners through work. If they weren’t someone they worked with or for, then the person may have been a client, customer, or business associate. And this makes lots of sense. Most people spend a minimum of eight hours a day at work, so it only stands to reason that you’ll eventually bond with some of the people you meet.

But dating in the workplace is naturally not without its risks. If things don’t go well or end badly, it can lead to significant problems at your job. And even if they go well, coworkers who catch wind of what’s going on can be resentful if they think your relationship is giving you an unfair advantage.

And most importantly of all, if your workplace has policies in place that forbid employees from dating coworkers, colleagues, or clients, you might actually lose your job if your relationship gets out. It’s crucial to know whether your place of business has rules like these in place to properly assess your risk before moving forward.

Are There Benefits to Dating at Work?

Although it’s never advisable to throw caution completely to the wind by ignoring the risks, dating someone you work with (or for) isn’t necessarily all bad. To begin with, you already know quite a lot about the person, so you’ve got a better idea of what they might be like to date than you might otherwise.

And, yes, although you should never date your boss or a client for this reason, doing so likely will earn you certain privileges at work. When a boss, client, or any other person with any sort of authority really likes you, regardless of the reasons, you’re likely to be paid more or considered more seriously for special opportunities.

Developing personal relationships with authority figures at work – especially any that are rich or affluent – can grant you access to the social circles they run in, as well. That means more potential professional and personal opportunities to fall back on in the future if needed.

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How Is Sugaring Different?

Whether you meet your next sugar prospect at work, online, or someplace else entirely, it’s important to know how the sugar factor makes your dynamic different. This is especially the case if you’re new to sugaring and don’t really know the ropes yet.
Sugar dating is about honesty

Although sugar relationships are definitely real relationships in every sense of the word, there’s a reason why you’ll sometimes hear them referred to as arrangements instead. Unlike in traditional relationships where people enter into a partnership with all kinds of unspoken expectations or while playing tons of silly games, sugaring is different.

Both parties lay all their wants, needs, and expectations right out there on the table from the beginning. Those terms need to be agreed to on both sides before the relationship moves forward. This means sugar relationships tend to be a lot more honest, upfront, and straightforward than traditional relationships.

Sugar relationships aren’t always serious

In most traditional dating situations, it’s more or less assumed that a new relationship is at least potentially headed toward serious commitment. Most are monogamous, as well, unless someone says otherwise right out of the gate. And while there’s nothing wrong with that, sugar relationships bring more possibilities to the table.

Although many sugar relationships do eventually become more serious, most start a lot more casually – as open relationships or no-strings-attached relationships. They last as long as things are working for both parties, and when someone’s ready to move on, they end with relatively little drama.

For those reasons, a sugar relationship is really the best option if you’re thinking of dating someone at work, especially if that someone is a boss, a wealthy client, or someone else with a lot of clout or money to throw around. They bring all of the benefits of dating to the table and very few of the drawbacks. Just be sure to take the time to make a wise, informed decision that’s right for you.


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