NewsThe entertaining Super50 Cup

The entertaining Super50 Cup

The entertaining Super50 Cup
Photo by Aksh yadav

Many nations of the Caribbean form what is known as the West Indies national cricket team. This squad is one of the most competitive and most entertaining ones to watch. Right now, you can try – online sports betting sites to wager on that side and win with it.

However, in order to keep that team as competitive as possible, it is imperative to keep some high-performance domestic competitions. For this reason, in the territory of the West Indies, a cricket tournament called the Super50 Cup was established in 1972. Since then, some fantastic matches have been played, and some incredible players have emerged. You can try the online sports betting sites 1xBet to begin wagering on the spectacular chances that this championship has to offer.

Lots of participants

Approximately 25 different cricket sides from various parts of the Caribbean have participated at some moment in this championship. By far, the most successful of them has been Trinidad and Tobago. However, the other squads have still shown some interesting things of their own. All these great squads are available on the website, and can be wagered with the best odds in the market.

Besides Trinidad and Tobago, other teams who have taken part on the championship include:

  • Barbados;
  • Guyana;
  • Jamaica;
  • the Leeward Islands;
  • and the Windward Islands.

Other teams who have won editions of the Super50 Cup have been Guyana, Jamaica and Barbados. Thanks to this competition and its wide range of participants, the West Indies national team remains as one of the most competitive squads in the world. You can visit the 1xBet online betting platform to place any type of wager on all editions of this entertaining tournament.

Format of the competition

The Super50 Cup is played in a format that is similar to the One-Day Internationals, which is also the format used at the Cricket World Cups. When it comes to the format of the competition rather than the games, different ones have been used throughout its existence. Before the next edition of the championship, you can get the live casino apk for your phone – 1xBet has great games that are worth trying.

The longest-lasting format is one that separates all participants into two groups. Those groups play a round-robin completely independent from each other. Next, the top two sides of each group go into a semi-final round. The winners play the final of the competition. This gives the Super50 Cup a high degree of excitement that all followers can enjoy. The 1xBet live casino apk for your phone can be downloaded now, and its games can be explored while waiting for the next Super50 Cup.