NewsThe Rise of Spotify Influencer Marketing

The Rise of Spotify Influencer Marketing

The Rise of Spotify Influencer Marketing
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Have you ever thought of Spotify as an influencer marketing platform? Spotify is the largest audio platform and has 217 million active monthly subscribers. Influencers have attracted these users to the platform by reviewing upcoming artists, curating playlists, and helping users discover the latest tunes. Artists, podcasters, and influencers must understand the platform’s algorithms and users’ listening behavior to get Spotify followers and increase their reach. 

Here is more on why Spotify influencer marketing is rising and how you can join the bandwagon.

Why Use Spotify?

Looking at Spotify’s user composition is the first step to understanding if your target market is overlapping with the user base of Spotify. Here are some of the Spotify demographics to look at. 


Spotify is highly favored by 39% of music listeners under thirty. Further age breakdown shows that for people between the ages of 35-44, 16% use Spotify, while another 11% of the 45-54 age group use the platform. Spotify is also popular among seniors and boasts 19% of users for those over fifty-five.  


Here is how Spotify is popular across the globe.

  • Europe has over 121 million users and 66 million subscribers.
  • North America follows with 85 million users and 48 million subscribers.
  • Third is Latin America, with 78 million users and 33 million subscribers.
  • While the rest of the world comprises 71 million users and 18 million subscribers.


Did you know that fifty-six percent of females use Spotify, while forty-four percent of males use it? So, is your target audience a lover of music and podcasts? Then, you can use the demographics mentioned above to capitalize the platform. Individuals who use the platform to market and popularize their podcasts and music get more engagement and attention than other media forms.

How to Do Influencing on Spotify


Spotify has been putting a lot of effort into investing in podcasts. Earlier this year, the platform acquired podcast startups like Anchor and Gimlet. Podcasts can be used by brands and influencers to connect with their audience, especially after the revival of radio culture. 

Unlike other social platforms where fans have to spend time browsing through endless lists of content, with podcasts, the listeners will give your content undivided attention. This type of engagement is challenging to get from other social platforms.

Additionally, the platform plans to place target podcast ads using the Streaming Ad Insertion technology. Influencers can leverage podcasts on Spotify by creating engaging content and using unique distribution methods to ensure they reach the right audience. Your influencing strategy may include the following:

  • Creative and unique podcast titles and headlines on your episodes.
  • Promoting the podcast across various channels such as websites, blogs, and other social media.

Spotify Stories 

This new feature on the platform offers excellent opportunities for influencers to bundle content based on themes and purposes. The feature is being tested on the platform with selected influencers such as Summer McKeen, a YouTube megastar. Like Facebook and Instagram stories, Spotify stories consist of short videos or audio clips users will listen to and watch before moving to the next. Influencers can use animations or album art to create a cover photo for their story. So, take advantage of the feature when it launches to keep your followers returning for more.

Sponsored Playlists

This provides an avenue that influencers can use to grab the user’s attention. The platform allows brands to sponsor platform-recommended playlists and personalize them. For instance, the Discover Weekly playlist contains a collection of thirty tracks, and it’s updated every Monday based on the user’s listening habits. This one-week window provides an excellent opportunity for influencers to get consistent engagement. 

Another sponsored playlist is the Release Radar, which contains a personalized playlist that delivers a weekly roundup of new music from the users’ favorite artists. This feature is ideal for advertising new products, IPs, and services.

User Generated Playlists

These types of playlists are created by subscribers or users on the platform. The advantage of leveraging user-generated content includes its ease of setup, low production costs, and freedom. User-generated playlists are one way influencers can use to engage their audience, for example, by making a branded playlist to go with a particular workout routine. 


Previously, no one thought that Spotify could be used as an influencer marketing platform. But with the right marketing strategy, the platform has the potential to reach out to a wide pool of music lovers.