NewsTraditional Dating vs. Sugaring: Unpacking the Real Differences and Similarities

Traditional Dating vs. Sugaring: Unpacking the Real Differences and Similarities

Traditional Dating vs. Sugaring: Unpacking the Real Differences and Similarities
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If you’re brand new to sugaring and are still in the process of figuring out whether or not it’s for you, then it makes sense that you’d have a lot of questions. And if you’re like most new potential sugar daters, many of those questions have to do with how exactly sugaring stacks up against the traditional dating you’re used to.

Contrary to what some people might assume, sugar dating is not simply a cuter name for escorting – this is one of many persistent myths about sugar relationships. Sugaring has absolutely nothing to do with escorting or anything similar. In fact, it probably has more in common with the dating dynamics you already know and understand than you realize. Here’s a closer look at how the two stack up against one another.

Sugar relationships are emotionally mature relationships

Although no two people are exactly alike, sugar daters are more or less looking for the same collection of things traditional daters are hoping to get in their love lives. Some are looking for a forever partner to marry and create a family with. Others are looking for something more casual – someone to have fun with in their spare time.

What they don’t like are all the mixed signals, unspoken expectations, and confusing social games that come with traditional dating. 

All people have things they want, need, and expect from their partners and relationships. But in traditional dating, it’s taboo to simply admit that and be direct about what you’re looking for, especially when it comes to anything to do with looks or money. Instead, people pretend to accept their new partner unconditionally in the hopes of manipulating the relationship to their advantage later. 

Sugar dating does away with all that. Sugar daters are not only honest about the fact that they expect certain things from a potential relationship partner, but it’s customary for both people to go over those expectations together right at the start of the relationship. If they can agree on a set of terms, the relationship moves forward.

The result is a more harmonious, genuine relationship in every sense of the word. No one feels slighted or taken advantage of. No one ever has the impression that their partner tricked them into a life they didn’t want for themselves. 

In other words, sugar relationships are exactly like traditional relationships in every way that matters most. The differences simply do away with things like drama, dishonesty, and emotional immaturity to generate relationships that are closer to what every relationship ought to be.

Sugar dating is well-suited to high-value people

Another thing that differentiates sugar relationships from other types of relationships is the fact that they occur between high-value individuals – exceptional people who have trouble meeting partners on their level under normal circumstances. Some are wealthy, affluent, successful people, while others bring youth, charm, and classic good looks to the table.

People pretend qualities like these aren’t important to them when they actually are. But sugar daters are more honest about this, as well. It’s important to them to be these things, and they work hard to ensure it happens. And, of course, it’s only natural to want a partner who’s the same, hence the term sugar dating.

Although there are variations on this theme, most sugar relationships develop between an older, very successful person (a sugar daddy or sugar mama) and a younger, extremely attractive person (a sugar baby). Each is someone extraordinary in search of a partner who’s their true equal. Each is emotionally mature, sophisticated, cultured, and – most importantly – emotionally mature enough to be ready for an elevated relationship.

Sugar daters spoil each other rotten

Today’s society pushes people to be overly independent when it comes to getting their basic needs met in life. However, while it’s commendable to be able to do for oneself, you can’t escape the fact that people need each other. And while two people in a healthy relationship should definitely be individuals, they should also turn to and lean on one another.

That said, sugar relationships generally involve a lot of mutual spoiling – something everyone wants but rarely admits that they need outside the world of sugaring. Sugar daddies and sugar mamas often treat their sugar babies to wonderful lavish trips, gifts, and lifestyles. And sugar babies dote on their partners in turn, taking care of them, loving them, and brightening up their worlds in multiple ways.

So ultimately, sugar dating is kind of like traditional dating, elevated by several levels. These are real relationships between genuine, loving individuals who want and expect the best out of life. But they’re unwilling to settle for less than they know they deserve in life, including when it comes to love. Sugar dating turns out to be the solution they’re looking for in many ways for that reason and more.


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