NewsWhat a Live Online Casino Dealer Has to Know

What a Live Online Casino Dealer Has to Know

What a Live Online Casino Dealer Has to Know
Photo by Michał Parzuchowski

The growth of online gambling comes with a few benefits for society, especially regarding taxes and jobs. Traditional online casinos need technical and support personnel, and live dealer casinos also need skilled dealers to serve the ever-increasing player base for this type of game.

The significant growth in the number of live dealer casinos in South Africa in recent years makes it obvious that once the regulations are in place, the local workforce will be actively recruited in this area. So, let’s look at what a candidate will need to do this job.

What does a live casino dealer do?

Live casino dealers have jobs similar to those in real-life casinos, minus the personal interaction with the players. They deal the cards, spin the roulette wheel and manage the flow of each game. All their activity is transmitted via live streaming to the players’ computers, who place bets remotely on the games they host.

The dealer has to know the rules and particularities of the game and explain them to players whenever necessary. Also, they need to be entertaining and create an enjoyable atmosphere.

What skills does a live dealer need?

In general, the perfect candidate for a job as a live casino dealer is of legal age (18 or 21 years, depending on the jurisdiction) and without a criminal record. Knowledge and prior experience are welcome but optional – almost all companies offer their new hires training in the area. The training includes everything from the rules of the games to proper gaming etiquette. 

Endurance is important because gaming sessions can be long. In a land-based casino, dealers often have to stand for hours – in online casino studios, they work sitting down, though. 

What does a live casino dealer need to know?

All the knowledge necessary to become a live casino dealer can be learned with a few weeks of training. There are, in turn, a few skills that a dealer needs that are not easy to learn.

People skills

Although the communication between the dealer and the players will be one-way, it will be continuous: dealers need to let the players know when to place their bets when they are closed, and so on.


Working as a dealer involves handling playing cards or roulette wheels, which requires a bit of dexterity and hand-eye coordination

What does a live casino dealer need to know? The rules of the game they’ll be hosting, of course, but beyond that, they need to communicate efficiently with the players, be ready to endure long gaming sessions, and do it with a smile.