NewsWhat Draws Indian Women to Online Betting?

What Draws Indian Women to Online Betting?

What Draws Indian Women to Online Betting?
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As technological advancements blossom globally, it is not surprising that people now have options to choose from regarding making money. In India, placing bets on different sporting events is not only a fun thing to do but a profitable thing.

Betting in India is not only relegated to men; even women are interested. Meanwhile, despite the uncertain standing of India’s laws on gambling, the number of gamblers and bettors is growing. Sports betting in India is not gender-biased, but that’s not the question. The question is: what exactly is drawing Indian women to online betting, and what is there to gain?

Online betting in India is neither legalized nor un-legalized – meaning there is no law governing the subject. Moreover, the advent of playing games online has made gaming accessible and possible for people of all gender and age groups. Here are some facts we gathered about what draws Indian women to place bets online.

Bonuses are involved.

Everyone loves any opportunity that provides them certain bonuses, especially when it is something they are not sure of. For gaming, players (especially women) want something they can test before getting into the real game proper.

Those who bet on IPL cricket enjoy massive bonuses, which is one thing that draws Indian women to it. The bonuses involved in staking games online are more than those of brick-and-mortar betting companies. That is mostly because online betting sites are designed to provide more value for money, thereby attracting more players – men and women alike.

Besides, online bookmakers have various bonus options bettors can choose from, unlike the limited ones physical bookmakers offer. For example, new bettors get access to a “welcome bonus” with which they can start their betting journey.

Online betting is safe

Information hacking, harassment, and privacy violations are some of the many challenges Indian women face on the internet. To this end, you will find only a few women engaging in internet-related activities. Interestingly, betting creates an entirely different atmosphere and that contributes to why you’d find many Indian women gaming.

Indians are generally skeptical about placing bets, whether in brick-and-mortar betting locations or online. However, since it has been established that online betting is completely safe and regulated, more Indian women have begun to participate. Legal gaming sites use digital encryption technology for a simple betting experience and to secure bettors’ financial and personal information.

Moreover, convenience is one thing women (and everyone) love – and online gaming offers that. Online betting sites offer mobile options ensuring players can place wagers at any time and from wherever.

It is a way to make cool money

Sports betting provides an opportunity to make lots of cool cash, and Indian women are not immune to money. More people are starting to understand that staking on games can be profitable if one learns the ropes well and bet wisely. Also, once one can master the strategies for wagering, the odds will be in one’s favor, and one can win.

Besides, staking on games isn’t gender-based; if you’ve got what it takes, you can bet and win. Indian women who are looking for ways to diversify their earnings are considered staking on games. The additional money made from wagering on some of the popular games can be helpful for keeping up with the rising price of things.

Indian women also find online betting fun

Indian women who engage in online gaming have tasted what the men enjoy and have found it interesting. For women who love to watch games live, having a chance to make money from what they already love makes it even better. These women enjoy excitement and rush from waiting to get the result of the outcomes, almost as much as men do.

Besides, some online betting sites make it easier for women to place bets online, making it more appealing to women. Research also shows that Indian women bettors are increasingly enthusiastic, with at least four out of ten bettors in the country being female.

Bookmarking regulations don’t hurt women

Indian women have become educated on Indian laws concerning staking games online. Although the law on gambling generally is decades old, there isn’t anything about bookmarking, especially relating to women. Thus, bettors can place wagers without fear of being sent to three months in prison or subjected to a fine.

The legality of staking games in India was one of the things that deterred Indian women from engaging.


Although land-based betting companies attract more men than women, online gaming attracts more women than men. Indian women bet on female sports as much as their male counterparts, especially those who are fans of a sport. This change in women’s attitude towards sports betting is creating a positive influence on women globally.

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