NewsWhy Is Cannabis Becoming So Popular Among US Adults?

Why Is Cannabis Becoming So Popular Among US Adults?

Photo by Caroline Hernandez on Unsplash

Over the past few weeks, a survey revealed that the popularity of cannabis among American adults had reached an all-time high. Not only this, but there is every indication that its popularity will only continue to grow over the years

According to the study, around 45% of adults have tried cannabis at least once. In addition, the number of adults using cannabis regularly has also been growing like never before.

The question being is why? Why is it that seemingly all of a sudden, the American public has gone about something of a radical attitude adjustment as far as cannabis is concerned? And can we expect the rest of the world to follow suit?

The Death of Propaganda 

For the most part, this extraordinary growth in the popularity of cannabis can be attributed to the downfall of propaganda. Or at least how perceptions of propaganda have changed as far as the average American adult is concerned. What makes today’s general public different, particularly younger millennial audiences, is that scare tactics simply do not work. We live in an age where telling people what to do and attempting to scare them straight simply doesn’t work.

Back in the 60s and 70s, the American government was no less than shameless with its approach to pot propaganda. Despite absolutely zero evidence to support such claims, they warned the public that cannabis was both dangerous and potentially deadly. Not to mention, comprehensively addictive and linked with the use of harder drugs like heroin.

A Sense of Rebelliousness

Noadays, everybody knows this always was and always will be complete BS. This, in turn, means that most people use their common sense and judgment to make up their minds about cannabis. Not only this but there’s also a certain amount of inevitable rebelliousness, which the government only has to blame for.

It’s a similar scenario to that of when prohibition came to an end. For a while at least, even those who had no prior interest in consuming alcohol suddenly found themselves doing so to make a point. It was and is a case of celebrating the freedoms you can’t help but feel you should have been granted all along.

As far as millennials are concerned, attitudes and legislation of the past are inconsequential. After all, it’s not as if they were around to see them, anyway. Nevertheless, it’s a very different story for a lot of older adults. Those who found themselves being bombarded with messages regarding the horrors of cannabis consumption or growing indoor weed seeds a few decades ago now find themselves being told that they were lied to: and for no justifiable reason whatsoever. In turn, it’s hardly surprising that for many, giving cannabis a try is something that happens instinctively.

They may have been missing out on even if only to find out what it was all that time ago.

The Medical Movement 

Of course, the fact that more people are self-medicating with various cannabis products than ever before is making a massive difference in consumption rates. These days, it is the norm to question the effectiveness and safety of conventional drugs and treatments, given the availability of all-natural alternatives.

So when all of the above is taken into account, it’;s a given primarily that the popularity of cannabis will continue to grow over the coming years. As for whether the same will happen elsewhere – well, we can only hope!